Tales of superheroes have fascinated me since childhood. From street level vigilantes prowling dark urban alleyways and grand cosmic space operas, superhero comics were my preferred method of escapism. The most fulfilling aspect of superhero comics was that there were seemingly no boundaries to the imagination. Growing up in a small town in a rural part of Nova Scotia, it was through the pages of DC, Marvel, and Image Comics that the world opened before me. As I grew older, and my depth of knowledge and the world around me grew as I worked my way through university, I began to see comic books as more then fantastic tales. In addition to being pulp escapism, the comic book medium is also a vehicle for commenting on social, political, and historical trends. As an artifact of popular culture, the comic book as a medium has proven itself a valuable time capsule.

I have collected comic books for more nearly a quarter of a century. The first comic book I ever bought was Infinity Crisis #1 and Cable #1.



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