These two villains have been giving Superman trouble for years, however, both characters receive some major retconing during the “New Krypton Saga”. Past incarnations of Metallo have been a large robot infused with the human consciousness of one Benjamin Krull and a green kryptonite heart. Reactron has served as a rogue to Superman, but has mostly been associated with Supergirl and until “New Krypton” had a nuclear based power-set.

Reintroduced for the “New Krypton Saga”, both Metallo and Reactron are soldiers assigned to General Sam Lane’s  black ops unit: Project 7734. Lane is using Project 7734 as his platform to amass an arsenal of scientific and magical weapons to kill Superman and protect Earth from the one hundred thousand residents of Kandor now residing in Earth’s Arctic Circle. The updated Metallo and Reactron are soldiers in the US military who have been enlisted and armed with power suits to help Lane wage his war. Metallo is fitted with green kryptonie and Reactron gets a big upgrade adding gold kryptonite to his. Gold kryptonite renders a Kryptonian powerless for twenty-seconds.

These two are enlisted as General Lanes two top attack dogs and are particularly instrumental in launching two attacks on New Krypton. The first, while New Krypton was still on Earth saw Reactron kill a major political figure; the second, was a sneak attack on New Krypton, now in orbit, and another assassination attempt, this time on General Zod.

The “New Krypton Saga” elevated Metallo and Reactron from goofy characters to more ‘realistic actors’ in the DCU. No longer massive robots or living nuclear reactors, but humans with power suits. It’s an update on the two characters and it propels them and the “New Krypton Saga” forward. These two antagonists are key players that advance this year long tale at key moments, but what is their ultimate fate?

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