DC Reading Orders: Jack Kirby’s Fourth World.

The Fourth World is a science-fiction based mythology created by the King of Comics, Jack Kirby during his short tenure at DC Comics. The Fourth World revolves around ancient space deities known as the New Gods.

The News Gods – comprised of the peaceful and good gods of New Genesis led by Highfather and the warmongering evil gods of Apokolips led by Darkseid. Locked in eternal battle the New Gods wage cosmic war against one another and against the heroes of Earth.

If you’re looking to read DC events in chronological order then read only the pre-Crisis material only and come back to the post-Crisis material. If, however, you’re looking to dig deep into the New Gods mythology and don’t want to come up for air for a while follow both the pre-Crisis and post-Crisis sections.

A. Pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths.

  1. Superman’s Pal Jim Olsen #133-139; #141-143
  2. The Forever People #1
  3. Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #144-148
  4. The Forever People #2-8
  5. New Gods #1-6 (only read first of two features in issue #6)
  6. Mister Miracle #1-6
  7. The Forever People #9-11
  8. New Gods #7-18
  9. New Gods #6 (read the second feature).
  10. The Hunger Dogs #1

B. Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths.

  1. 1st Issue Special #13
  2. The Return of the New Gods #12-15
  3. The Brave and the Bold #112, #128, #138
  4. Mister Miracle #19-22
  5. DC Comics Presents #12
  6. Justice League of America #183-185 (1980)
  7. Legion of Super-Heroes #290-294
  8. Forever People #1-#6 (mini-series 1988)
  9. Cosmic Odyssey #1-4
  10. New Gods #1-28 (1989-1991)
  11. Jack Kirby’s Fourth World #1-20
  12. Death of the New Gods #1-8
  13. Countdown to Infinite Crisis #52-1
  14. DC Universe #0
  15. Final Crisis #1-7

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