DC Reading Order – Invasion!

The Alien Alliance, led by the war-like Dominators and Khunds, intend on subjugating the Earth’s super-heroes to prevent them from thwarting their plans of galactic rule. This all-out assault by all of DC’s various space races consumed the entire planet, and had some long lasting impacts on the DCU.

This was a pretty good series, and it’s recently been given new life having been the source material for this years major CW cross-over event featuring their programs: The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. Anyone that is an Eric Larsen fan will want to check out the three core “Invasion!” issues.

As a whole “Invasion!” is a really well constructed cross-over event. Despite being told over thirty-five issues – if you include all the tie-ins – the massive story carries its weight and holds up today, some thirty years after it’s original publication.

In the story a rogue Dominator, looking for prominence among his caste, develops and used a massive Gene Bomb that surrounds the globe and disengages meta-genes in humans.

From a collector’s perspective, “Invasion!” is important because it introduced the concept of the metagene as an explanation within the DCU as to how some people gain superhuman abilities.

The series was also important for the Doom Patrol. During the series, a version of the team comprised of former members from the 60’s, 70’s and the contemporary roster would fall apart after two of them fell in battle against the Alliance. Grant Morrison would use the “Invasion!” series to revamp the entire series and write one of the 1980’s most critically and popularly acclaimed series.

Finally, and probably most important over the long term was the fact that the Gene Bomb was responsible for giving Maxwell Lord his mind-control powers. Although they were rarely used at the time, and largely unknown by most members of the Justice League, those powers would become hugely important during “Infinite Crisis”. 

The “Invasion!” series is a really good cross-over event for it’s era. The comic book companies had only begun publishing a major event every year (1986’s Crisis on Infinite Earths” was the first) and they were still trying to figure them out. There would be hits and misses until the early 90’s, but “Invasion!” is about as strong as they come.

  1. Swamp Things #80
  2. Invasion #1
  3. Daily Planet: Invasion! #1
  4. Spectre #23
  5. Flash #21
  6. Manhunter #8
  7. Wonder Woman #25
  8. Justice League International #22
  9. Swamp Thing #81
  10. New Guardians #6
  11. Captain Atom #24
  12. Animal Man #6
  13. Firestorm #80
  14. Starman #5
  15. Checkmate #11
  16. Power of the Atom #7
  17. Superman #26
  18. Detective Comics #595
  19. Doom Patrol #17
  20. Adventures of Superman #450
  21. Suicide Squad #23
  22. Flash #22
  23. Checkmate #12
  24. Manhunter #9
  25. Wonder Woman #26
  26. Captain Atom #25
  27. Justice League International #23
  28. Animal Man #7
  29. New Guardians #7
  30. Starman #6
  31. Power of the Atom #8
  32. Firestorm #81
  33. Doom Patrol #18
  34. Invasion! #3
  35. Blaster’s Special #1


































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