DC Reading Order – War of the Gods

Ancient Gods suddenly begin trying to destroy the Earth and each other. While the ancient Roman Gods wage was with the Olympian Gods, the Egyptian, African, Babylonian, and Thangaraian Gods each want to recreate the world in their own images, and attach the superheroes who stand in their way.

This event is probably one of DC Comic’s biggest turds. The tie-in issues are nearly all so loosely attached to the central event issues that it was one of the more frustrating experiences I’ve endured. Continuity wise the series was centered around Wonder Woman and the Amazons. A battle between the Roman Gods and the God of Olympia – the Gods the Amazons worship, battle it out. The tie-in issues are meant to prop up the main limited series by showing what happens to humans when Gods wage war.

The War of the Gods limited series is made better if you read the issues of Wonder Woman (#51-57) that preceded and led in to the “the War of the Gods” event. After the Amazon’s announced themselves to the world in issue #50, Circe – Wonder Woman’s Lex Luther, so to speak – had been keeping tabs of Diana. Circe is responsible for a series of brutal murders that have occurred and various artifacts stolen. The Amazons are framed for these crimes and public hysteria is whipped up against them. With the disappearance of Amazon Queen Hippolyta, General Philipus wounded by gunfire and he death of Hellenne some Amazons are taken into custody. Steve Trevor, is forced into the gut wrenching position of having to follow orders that are meant to test his loyalty to his country when US General George Yedziniak orders him to lead an attack on Themyscira.

Despite being a major event for DC Comics in 1991 and crossing over into twenty-five issues, its impact on continuity was confined to Wonder Woman’s orbit.

Here is the reading order for those that want to give it a shot.

  1. War of the Gods #1
  2. Wonder Woman #58
  3. Superman: The Man of Steel #3
  4. Hawkworld #15
  5. Starman #38
  6. L.E.G.I.O.N #31
  7. Hawk and Dove #28
  8. Captain Atom #56
  9. Doctor Fate #32
  10. Flash #32
  11. Wonder Woman #59
  12. Doctor Fate #33
  13. War of the Gods #2
  14. Justice League Europe #31
  15. Batman #470
  16. Hawkworld #16
  17. Animal Man #40
  18. Captain Atom #57
  19. Suicide Squad #58
  20. Wonder Woman #60
  21. War of the Gods #3
  22. The Demon #17
  23. New Titans #81
  24. Wonder Woman #61
  25. War of the Gods #4





























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