If this is your first stop and you want to dig deeper into 2005’s mega-event ‘Infinite Crisis” be sure to check out my complete reading order here; or, read more about the event here.

The year 2005 marked an important publishing milestone for DC Comics as it was the twentieth anniversary of the ground breaking limited maxi-series Crisis on Infinite Earths (reading order here – your help editor, MG). The year also marked a change at the helm of DC with Executive Editor officially replacing long-time EE Janet Khan. Didio, along with Geoff Johns, Jeff Loeb, Greg Rucka, Brad Meltzer, and Grant Morrison, among others decided to shake up the DCU by raining down a brutal ‘Crisis’ event that not only brought back the long dormant Multiverse, but also had long lasting impacts on a number of characters.

These are the five characters for whom Infinite Crisis brought revolutionary changes, all of which are still with us more than a decade later.


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